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Session 3

The next morning, Halbard awakens early and seeks out Quaesitor, who he then leads to the Healing Ward and introduces to Lyran. After a brief discussion, Halbard asks a favor of the former paladin: to look after and care for a small six-legged black kitten-like creature while Halbard is away on the mission. She agrees, and sends the two of them off with a gift – two basic healing potions – and a request for some willow bark, if they happen to see any.

Coratana tries to seek out Tyrik for a discussion, and the Sanctum manifests a glowing orb that speeds off. However, when Coratana tries to follow, he is unable to keep up. He then returns to the Dining Hall and gathers breakfast. During this period, Audir, Gribble, Dorrin, and Sulyex also arrive for breakfast. Gribble finishes quickly, then goes to the hallway where all the party’s quarters are situated. He makes a round of the rooms, banging on doors to try and locate and/or rouse the rest of the party. Halbard makes his way to the Dining Hall and asks Audir to come to the garden with him and make a specific search for any plant that may help resist any poison. They succeed in finding a moss that can be applied after a poison that will help stay the effect for a short time. They return to the group, find everyone else gathered, and set off for their first official mission.

The pathway is opened and the group steps through into the front room of an inn. They are greeted by a Halfling woman with long nut-brown hair who introduces herself as Bel, one of the keepers of the inn: the Blade and Bow. She lets the group know that one of snakes from the mission request has been trapped in the bathhouse out back, and Hazel - the herbalist down the way - has been collecting information about the rest of the infestation. The party quickly dispatches the snake in the bathhouse, harvests everything they can from its corpse, and head out to meet Hazel. Hazel informs the group of two more snakes she has managed to trap in her cellar, which the group quickly conquer, and lets them know of at least two more at the local temple of Sarenrae, close to the northeast edge of town. The adventuring party heads that way and, after a lengthy battle, manages to kill all three snakes at the temple. After a brief scuffle between Sulyex and Gribble, the party returns to the Blade and Bow for an evening’s rest.

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