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Session 26.5

The following day, Audir presents this solution to the group, and they agree that this may, in fact, be the best solution available to them. Halbard and The Cleric want to scout out in the direction of the signal they receive from their pendants, and plan a brief shopping excursion in preparation. Sulyex and Audir accompany them on this excursion, while Quaesitor excuses himself.

Instead of spending the day with the group, Quaesitor visits with the council again, this time meeting with Veziri by himself. He requests a bit more information concerning the druids’ capabilities, with an eye toward permanent enchantments. Veziri informs him that Grimhold, a city to the West, is renowned for their creations and in fact houses four powerful arcanists who may be able to assist. Quaesitor thanks him for his reluctant assistance, and - on an intuition - farewells with the phrase heard from the Brotherhood’s acolyte, to which Veziri unthinkingly responds.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party finds a general shop and market that supplies what they’re looking for, including potions. Halbard enlists the group’s assistance in brushing off some of his older - less reputable - skills, and steals a small set of fishing gear. Audir manages to get a date out of the deal with a handsome Halfling who introduced himself as Jodon.

At the end of the day, Audit packs up her belongings and moves to Amenda’s home to begin her training the next day. The rest of the group father's together for dinner, and The Cleric opens up a bit more about his past, including introducing himself by his real name : Val.

Quaesitor informs the group of his intention to use the time Dorrin will be building the box to travel to Grimhold and back. With done discussion, the party agrees to spilt: Sulyex will go with Quaesitor to Grimhold, and Halbard and Val will scout out the pulse they feel from the pendants.

The next morning, they are awoken early by a clamor inn the street outside. They rise quickly and are met outside their lodging by a representative from Stillwater, proclaiming in a loud voice how grateful the village is for the service rendered. In an undertone, he asks for what the group calls themselves, and they respond by introducing themselves as the Eleventh Hour. The man rewards them for dispatching Blackthorne with 1000 gp and the deed to Blackthorne's Keep, and the group shares a smile amongst themselves.

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