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Session 25

In the aftermath of the battle, Coratana takes stock of himself. Having returned from death, he notices something off about himself, and realizes that although his body was restored, Cora’s bond with Tana was broken with his death. His darkvision is gone, leaving him vulnerable and stumbling slightly in the dark, though he keeps his revelation to himself.

The group frees Neva and the other beings under Blackthorne's thrall and works to slowly escort them all past the traps that still line the stairwells. Rather than allowing himself to be transported via the amulet, Cora casts Dimension Door to teleport himself and Halbard down through the necrotic pustules. He is struck by a feeling of draining strength as the completion of the spell goes askew. The warlock manages to wrestle the spell back under control so that it deposits the two warriors in the intended location, but Cora is shaken.

A brief discussion takes place in the main entry hall about how to get everyone off the island and back to the mainland. A perceptive Halbard takes note that something has changed since they were last in here… it takes a moment for the group to realize that the door has become an archway and the once-straight path has become meandering. It presents a view familiar to Cora as it calls to mind the symbol of his patron, emblazoned on his hand. Cora is prepared to walk through it, but the group ties a rope around his waist before he steps out. The tension grows as Cora walks out the door until the silence is broken by a voice speaking out behind everyone.

A tall figure, clothed head to toe in a dark green cloak, remarks on the tension. Cora - recognizing the voice and form of his patron - returns to the group, where The Traveler informs him that his time has come and The Traveler is collecting on his deal. Cora agrees, though the group tries to find some way to free Cora from this fate. The Traveler calls Cora by his shortened name, and for the first time, the party realizes what the battle - and the death - has cost Cora. Tana has been passed on to Cora’s son, and Cora takes off his wolfshead pendant and asks Halbard to pass it to his son if the opportunity ever arises. Cora makes his round of the group, saying goodbye and leaving most of his belongings with his party. Sulyex takes ownership of the Bag of Holding, and Cora leaves his now-nonmagical blade with Dorrin.

After emotional goodbyes and one last-ditch attempt by Halbard to offer his soul in trade for Cora’s - foiled by the wounds left by Tana’s absence - Cora goes to The Traveler, and they walk out the door. Cora uses the last of his power to cast a magical darkness around the egress, and when it dissipates, he and The Traveler are gone and the door restored to its previous linear state.

The party gathers themselves and Blackthorne’s victims and makes their way down to the shore and from there back to the village of Stillwater. The adventurers find a quiet bar and raise a glass in memory of Cora before retiring for the night to the small temple of Bahamut. On their way back, Audir and Dorrin - the only ones sober enough to notice - see four shooting stars streak across the sky, and feel the sensation of a door closing as the rumble from an impact reaches them. They share a glance, then continue on with their friends to their lodging.

The next morning, the group heads out fairly early. Audir and Dorrin share with the others their observation from the night before. They resolve to look for whatever fell from the sky as they make their way back south. Later that evening, they find the crater left by the fallen star, but no evidence of whatever fell. They do find tracks from a fairly large group of individuals leading East away from the site.

Over the next two days, the party follows the tracks through the swampland. The path eventually transitions into a drier terrain through forested lands, much to Halbard’s relief. The tracks lead the group to a small encampment of druids out patrolling their lands. The leader of the small band, a copper dragonborn named Tahani, informs the group that the item that fell was a book of some kind, inscribed with glowing runes. Quaesitor claims it as a relic of his people and tries to persuade the group to hand it over to his keeping. Tahani informs him that the book has already been taken back to the druid’s city, a day’s travel away. If they will wait until the morning, she will lead them there.

While this conversation is happening, Tahani’s attention - and several of the other druids’ - is focused on Audir. Tahani apologizes for staring, and gestures to Audir’s hair where a lock of her nut-brown hair is bleaching into a white streak. Tahani calls it a mark from the Raven Queen, and says that one of her elders can explain more.

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