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Session 2.5

During the day, Dorrin is inspired to try and create schematics for a magnificent weapon. Although the vision is clear in his mind, he is unable to transcribe it accurately onto paper to begin the actual design. After some frustrating failures, he chooses instead to leave it for now and make another attempt at a later date.

Coratana, Sulyex, and Halbard stick around in the arena while everyone else clears out. Sulyex has a brief conversation with Tyrik about the abilities of the Sanctum, and about what happens if someone happens to fall unconscious while training in the arena. While this is happening, Coratana asks the Sanctum for a foe to face. The Sanctum responds by sending a white dragon wyrmling into the arena floor. Halbard quickly joins Coratana in fighting this enemy, and the Sanctum responds in kind by releasing green and blue wyrmlings. Sulyex enters the fray, and the Sanctum releases a red wyrmling. Through a series of unfortunate events, Sulyex and Halbard fall unconscious and, in flashes of silver light, are transported away from the arena. Tyrik quickly shuts down the training simulation and leads Coratana out of the arena. Sulyex and Halbard awaken in beds, their weapons and shield on the ground next to the beds. An older woman in blue robes, working at a desk and facing away from the beds, silver-streaked dark hair hanging loose down her back, admonishes them for reckless foolishness, then summons Tyrik and Coratana into the room from the hall. Sulyex, exhilarated by the fact that he – apparently – can’t die, returns immediately to the arena, trailed by Coratana, where the Sanctum summons up a new opponent for them: a fluffy, white, fire-breathing bunny. One blast of fire breath later, the two are transported in a flash of silver back to the Healing Ward. Stabilized by the woman – now revealed to be Lyran, Tyrik’s sister – and healed a little bit by Tyrik, the two awaken for a short confrontation with Halbard about recklessness and respect. Afterwards, the three go their separate ways for the rest of the day. Halbard stays with Lyran in the Healing Ward and they converse about the Sanctum and Lyran’s past as an adventurer. Coratana returns once more to the arena for a brief experiment in communicating with the Sanctum before returning to his room. Sulyex also makes his way to the arena, but stays in the stands. He requests more foes – specifically, some small enemies he can fight – and the Sanctum responds by sending a cloud of mosquitos. In frustration, he releases a blast of fire breath, and then leaves the arena.

Quaesitor spends the day resting and reading the journal he had requested from the Sanctum; it details some missions and adventures of a past Runner. The journal ends with the implication that it is just a part of a larger body of work written either by this Runner or by others in her party.

Audir takes her time in the garden, getting to know the plants and starting to put it back in order. She harvests a few sprigs of herbs that she knows have useful properties… including just enough to start mixing a new batch of poison.

Gribble spends the vast majority of the day alternating between eating as much as he can in the dining hall and napping in the corner he has claimed as his own.

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