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Session 13

The team wakes up in the early morning, arising slowly but discussing the events of the previous night. Before the group can set out on their trek back to the town, they are approached by a small wolf, delivering the demands from the alphas of the pack. The alphas request provision in emergency situations, that when the wolves’ hunting is unable to provide enough for the pack, the village will supply out of their own bounty. Second, the alphas request a voice in the council when matters concern both village and forest. Third, the wolves propose an exchange of youth: that the wolves will submit some of the pups of the pack for education in the village, and will accept village youths into their pack and teach them the ways of the forest. Coratana accepts the demands on behalf of the party and agrees to submit them to the village elders. The party then makes their way back through the forest to the town.

When they arrive at the town, they see mostly empty streets: it seems everyone is hard at work, performing daily tasks. Asking around (and getting some guidance from Leanor), the group splits to locate the council members. Audir and Sulyex head to the temple of Melora, where Alexei has been spending time in contemplation and meditation when not being distracted by Gribble, who spent the majority of the previous day here at the temple. They let Alexei know about the upcoming negotiation with the wolves, then Audir sits down with him in the temple to ask a few questions about faith, power, and the Wildmother in particular. Sulyex and Gribble speak briefly on what it means to be a paladin, and Gribble seems determined to pursue this route (at least briefly).

Dorrin has a brief discussion with Leanor, aided by Coratana, informing her of the situation and of the negotiation to take place at noon with the wolves. Leanor in turn tells them where they will most likely find the other council members. Overhearing this, Halbard takes off to round them all up.

Halbard finds Tillus at the General Store, stocking shelves. With much alacrity, he informs Tillus of the situation, commanding him to return to the Shepherd’s Crook to speak with the other elders. Tillus passes out, and Halbard has Nightbane carry him until he can be deposited at the inn. He moves on, finding Corel in a big barn with several other shepherds, dealing with a flock of sheep. He briefly, brusquely - though more diplomatically than he had with Tillus - passes on the information, gaining Corel’s agreement to meet at the inn. He moves on to locating Willen, finding her and Sanvi both at the mill, with Gribble and Sulyex both already there, speaking to the two of them.

While the others are informing the council, Dorrin hurries back to the Sanctum. He rushes to the Arena, where he asks the Sanctum’s aid in charging the crystal he received from Granny Titchwillow with elemental lightning energy. The Sanctum whips up a storm and, after raising the crystal on a thin column into the air, strikes the crystal with a bolt of lightning. The storm dissipates and the Sanctum returns the crystal to Dorrin.

The group reassembles at the Shepherd’s Crook, laying out the situation before the Council. The elders take in the information and ask for a few minutes to discuss amongst themselves before heading out to the negotiations.

Meanwhile, Quaesitor has been preparing the field where the conference with the wolves will be held. He creates an arcane glyph, and stays to monitor the field, working on a few little wood carvings. Shortly before the sun reaches its peak, he spots a number of wolves along the edge of the treeline, seemingly doing their own scouting. Not long after, the party of adventurers makes their way to the location, followed by the council.

Negotiations begin, with Coratana presenting the wolves’ demands and Gribble being nominated to speak for the village. Together, they reach an agreement that neither side seems truly happy with, but willing to consent to. The party watches carefully as the wolves return to the forest and the elders to the town, but, though they remain on guard, misfortune seems to be averted.

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