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Session 1: The Sanctum

May 3 - Session 1

We meet our heroes, scattered across the realms as the day draws to a close. Each hero individually finds a mysterious door where, as they approach or knock on the door, they are greeted by name by an older human man, dressed in blue robes over armor. He introduces himself as Tyrik, and invites them to come in; a meal will be served as soon as everyone has gathered. Though some are more suspicious or reluctant, each hero passes through the door and emerges into the same room. Tyrik prepares a mystical feast that fills the heroes with vitality and wellness and, over the dinner, presents an offer of employment. Although Tyrik is unable to answer every question as fully as some party members would prefer, he is able to demonstrate some benefits of accepting the offer: he leads the heroes to a large armory, well-stocked with almost every type of weapon imaginable, both magical and mundane. Some heroes choose to search out new weapons and are gifted with some shiny silvered equipment. More conversation ensues, and eventually each hero accepts the offer and is gifted with a small silver pendant in the shape of a well-established tree. Tyrik leads the party to an arena to try out their new weapons. As they take their places on stone circles in the midst of the sandy floor, the room around them shifts. The sand sinks down and the seats around them rise up, and the party is left standing on stone pillars as a number of goblins appear from doorways at the edge of this new arena. Combat ensues, and the source of these gladiator goblins is questioned. The party questions the morality of killing their foes, but emerges triumphant. Moments after the end of combat, the forms of the fallen goblins shimmer, and the party observes the fall of an illusion: the goblins were actually animated mannequins, and no actual goblins were harmed. The party turns to face Tyrik, who had observed the combat encounter, pleased and amused.

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